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Breaking Boundaries: AAHM GLOBAL Partners with Leading Digital Music Stores Worldwide

MikeFlux | 21/03/2024
AAHM GLOBAL Revolutionizes Music Distribution with over 150 Digitial Store Parterships.

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the global music industry, AAHM GLOBAL has announced strategic partnerships with over 150 of the world’s most popular digital music stores. This unprecedented collaboration encompasses a wide array of platforms, including industry giants such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

The significance of this partnership cannot be overstated. It marks a new era for AAHM GLOBAL and its roster of talented artists, including renowned names like Mike Flux. Starting from April 1st, 2024, all single releases from AAHM GLOBAL’s artists will be launched across these leading digital music stores thoughout april and the future, ensuring maximum exposure and accessibility for fans worldwide.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey of partnership with the most influential digital music stores globally,” said Paul Ford, Chief Finance Officer at AAHM GLOBAL. “This collaboration represents a pivotal moment for our label and our artists, as we strive to expand our reach and connect with audiences on a global scale.”

The scope of this partnership is truly impressive, as AAHM GLOBAL’s music will now be available on platforms that collectively reach billions of users worldwide. Whether it’s the seamless streaming experience of Spotify and Apple Music, the convenience of purchasing on iTunes and Amazon Music, or the engagement opportunities offered by YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, fans will have multiple avenues to discover and enjoy the latest releases from AAHM GLOBAL artists.

This move not only benefits AAHM GLOBAL and its artists but also offers a boon to music enthusiasts around the world. With AAHM GLOBAL’s catalog now accessible on such a vast array of platforms, fans can easily access their favorite tracks, connect with artists, and stay updated on new releases, fostering a stronger sense of community within the global music scene.

Furthermore, this strategic partnership underscores AAHM GLOBAL’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving music industry. By embracing digital distribution and aligning with the most popular music platforms, AAHM GLOBAL continues to push boundaries and pave the way for new possibilities in music promotion and distribution.

As the launch date of April 1st, 2024, approaches, excitement is palpable within the AAHM GLOBAL community. With its music set to reach millions of listeners across the globe, AAHM GLOBAL is poised to make a lasting impact and cement its status as a powerhouse in the world of electronic music. Stay tuned for the latest releases from AAHM GLOBAL artists, coming soon to a digital music store near you.


Below are just some of our top store partners.

iTunes & Apple Music

Strength: Ubiquity. we can reach over a hundred million people.

Store Types: Cloud, Downloads


Strength: Reach. Our tracks join a catalogue of millions of songs, available for a rapidly growing user base.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Editorially curated with a local edge.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming

YouTube Music

Strength: With a reach of one billion unique users monthly, YouTube Music gives you the power to connect with more fans worldwide.

Store Types: Streaming

Amazon Music

Strength: Ubiquity. We can reach over 80 million people.

Store Types: Cloud, Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Reach. Go global with our music.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Music focus. iHeartRadio and Napster are pure music brands and are not just in the game to sell devices.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Focus on emerging artists throughout Africa and access to leading telecom provider MTN’s marketing inventory.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Discovery through radio. Get new people listening to our music.

Store Types: Streaming


Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Connections. Vervelife builds music experiences for brands and as their network grows, so does ours.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Identification. Hundreds of millions of music fans can find out who we are.

Store Types: Discovery


Strength: More sales opportunities. Shazam generates over $300 million in digital sales.

Store Types: Discovery


Strength: Connections. Easy access to multiple retailers, all through one click.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Local focus. Zero-in on the music market in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Local focus. Reach new fans in the growing Middle Eastern & North African music market.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Store Types: Downloads, Streaming

Yandex Music

Strength: Reach. Get our music in front of a monthly audience of over 15 million people.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Local focus. Get our music heard in major Latin American countries.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Strength: Locally-focused to the emerging music streaming & mobile markets in Russia and the CIS.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Local focus & reach. Known as “India’s Spotify,” we music can reach over 11 million monthly users in a booming music streaming market.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Q.SIC’s solution enables retailers and hospitality businesses to stream brand-aligned curated playlists in multiple venues.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Local Focus. Kuack provides an opportunity to reach more fans in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Reach. With over 78 million actively monthly listeners and counting, Pandora is one of the most popular streaming services available.

Note: Because Pandora curates any and all content available on their service, we cannot guarantee that they will accept your submission(s).

Store Types: Discovery, Streaming

Boomplay Music

Strength: Reach. With over 62 million users and a monthly growth rate of over 700k new users, Boomplay Music continues to be preloaded on the number one smartphone in Africa.

Store Types: Downloads, Streaming


Note: Because PlayNetwork curates any and all content available on their service, we cannot guarantee that they will accept your submission(s).

Reach. PlayNetwork delivers music for 400+ brands in 150,000+ locations worldwide.

Store Types: Discovery, Streaming


Note: Because TouchTunes curates any and all content available on their service, we cannot guarantee that they will accept your submission(s).

Strength: Reach. TouchTunes’ digital jukebox platform can be found in over 75,000 establishments.

Store Types: Discovery, Streaming

Music Island

Strength: Reach. Our tracks reach up to six digital music services in a rapidly growing music market.

Store Types: Streaming, Downloads


Strength: Reach. Get discovered, streamed and downloaded in the growing Chinese music market across three popular platforms.

Store Types: Streaming, Downloads

TikTok/TikTok Music/Resso

Strength: Reach. Give fans permission to use our music in their TikTok posts and reach a massive user base across the globe.

Store Types: Social, Streaming


Strengths: Reach. Increase our potential to be discovered by music fans in Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and South Africa.

Store Types: Streaming

NetEase Cloud Music

Strengths:​ Reach. Get discovered in the growing Chinese digital music market.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Reach – make our music available across Italy.

Store Types: Streaming

Soundtrack Your Brand

Strengths: Reach – get heard and discovered in new locations around the world.

Store Types: Streaming


Strengths: Reach. Get discovered within a growing music market and across popular social media networks.

Store Types: Streaming


Strengths: Reach – make our music available to new fans in Russia.

Store Types: Streaming


Strength: Reach. Get discovered by fans in India’s rapidly growing digital music market.

Store Types: Streaming

Hungama Music

Strengths: Reach – make our music available across India.

Store Types: Streaming


Strengths– Reach – get our music in front of listeners across India, Sri Lanka, and fifteen countries within Africa.

Store Types: Streaming


Store Types: Streaming, Downloads

Peloton Music

STRENGTH:: Reach.Peloton Music represents the largest audiovisual connected fitness music catalog in the world.

STORE TYPE:: Streaming, Discovery


Douyin Streaming / Qishui Yinyue

STRENGTH: Reach – Douyin users can discover and follow new creators & trends, while artists have the opportunity to interact and connect with potential fans from all over China.

STORE TYPE: Streaming, Social.



STORE TYPE: Discovery, Social, Streaming.


STRENGTHS: Reach, Connections, Identification

STORE TYPE: Social, Discovery, Streaming.


STRENGTHS: Cloud, Discovery, Downloads, Social, Streaming, Video Editing

STORE TYPE: Reach, Local Focus, Connections, Curated Playlisting, Sales Opportunities, Identification

Written by MikeFlux


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