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House Music

House Music

The History of Sandstorm

MikeFlux | 09/08/2023

HISTORY OF THE TRACK DARUDE SANDSTORM “Sandstorm” is an iconic instrumental track by Finnish DJ and record producer Darude. Originally released in Finland in 1999, “Sandstorm” was Darude’s lead-off single for his debut studio album, Before the Storm. After its initial release in 1999, “Sandstorm” was re-released in 2000. After it […]

House Music

The Impressive Impact of Faithless’ “Insomnia”

MikeFlux | 09/08/2023

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT FAITHLESS INSOMNIA “Insomnia” is an iconic track by Faithless, a UK-based musical group, that was originally released in 1995. Released as the band’s second single, “Insomnia” became one of Faithless’ most successful songs ever when it reached number 27 on the UK Singles Chart, and topped the UK […]

House Music

Sheffield’s Gatecrasher: A Legendary Nightclub Experience

MikeFlux | 03/08/2023

In the heart of Sheffield, England, nestled amidst the vibrant nightlife scene, a legendary establishment would come to define the city’s clubbing experience. This iconic venue, known as Gatecrasher, originally known as The Republic, was a mecca for music lovers, party enthusiasts, and seekers of unforgettable experiences. Gatecrasher emerged in […]

House Music

What is special about house music?

MikeFlux | 05/07/2023

“House music is a feeling” is a phrase coined by multiple producers, DJs, and other prominent figures in the electronic music scene. It is also an unoriginal title shared by around a hundred house tracks. Is this just a figure of speech or is there sound scientific reasoning behind it? […]

House Music

The History of House Music

MikeFlux | 30/06/2023

Take a journey back through the history of house music and explore this genre’s explosive cultural evolution. Larry Levan at Paradise Garage House music is an influential genre of dance music that has become a global phenomenon. It has been keeping people dancing for decades, spawned subcultures, influenced technology, united […]

House Music

What Is House Music?

MikeFlux | 14/06/2023

  House music was pioneered by African American DJs and producers in Chicago as part of the underground club culture in the city that started as early as the 1970s. It began when DJs began altering disco records to give them more of a mechanical beat that was easier to […]

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